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Nucca, a brand in harmony with its natural environment


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Nucca, a brand in harmony with its natural environment

This line of natural skincare products has been designed to meet the expectations of a demanding and discerning clientele. Aware that their choices have a direct impact on the environment, Lise and Hélène Canarelli have developed this 100% natural Clean Beauty brand with the same philosophy.
The Nucca environmental charter was designed to respect these commitments:

- Organic raw materials from our "Corsican Territory" growers and producers whose ethics are in perfect harmony with our values.

- Collaboration with a high-performance laboratory dedicated to Beauty Clean. The creators are closely involved in all stages of development and production, from the selection of active ingredients and formulation to the use and sale of these products.

- Living molecules as raw materials: Nucca 100% natural cosmetics are made exclusively with unrefined oils containing living plant molecules and pigments.

- Airless bottles, opaque tubes and recyclable cases are the perfect packaging to protect them from air and light, forming an anti-contamination, anti-alteration and anti-oxidation barrier. With this type of packaging, there's no waste: at least 98% of the contents are consumed.